Founded and based in California’s Bay Area, IMOK Global LLC is a family-owned and operated fruit-importing business. We bring more than two decades of fruit importing experience and knowledge to our practice, and are passionate about what we do. We pride ourselves on our strong grower-partner relationships and being well-versed on what it takes to grow the best tasting and looking fruit, which ensures we select only the absolute best quality berries for our customers.

IMOK Global's impeccable customer service  and partnership with top companies. IMOK Global has control over the entire growing process, we partner with superior growers and distributors to ensure the product you receive is at the highest quality. Also, food safety continues to be an extremely high priority for us. We audit our growers though independent, third party audits like PRIMUS LAB. We deliver Strawberries the 365 days of the year.



CoolHouse Distribution Center provides our customers with value added refrigerated and frozen distribution/warehouse services, that place an emphasis on top quality customer service.